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Our downstream arm, SD Guthrie International’ produces a comprehensive range of oil and fats products of the world’s best quality. We have combined intensive research and a fully integrated, traceable value chain to provide you with products that are responsibly produced and good for you.


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01 / 08

One of Malaysia’s top 3 cooking oil brands, Alif is a superior-quality pure vegetable cooking oil rich in the antioxidant Vitamin E and is naturally trans-fat and cholesterol-free. Alif is also high in monounsaturated fats.

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02 / 08

The Superfood Red Palm Fruit Oil is the perfect ingredient to incorporate into your daily diet or beauty routine. ELAIESE is harvested from the freshest palm fruits and processed naturally to retain its high nutrient content, such as Pro-Vitamin A, Vitamin E Tocotrienols, Phytosterols, COQ10, Squalene, Lycopene and Polyphenols.

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03 / 08

NATRIÉO, the health supplement containing Vitamin E Tocotrienols naturally sourced from palm oil. Tocotrienols are a powerful antioxidant, 60x stronger than Tocopherols with unique anti-inflammatory properties, which provides many health benefits for the skin, heart and is anti-ageing. It is clinically proven to protect and revitalise liver health naturally.

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04 / 08

Trusted by chefs and restaurateurs, our exclusive range of bakery fats and dairy-replacement formulations are designed to produce the best results for multi-purpose culinary use.

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05 / 08

Purafex is a high-grade nutritious product for animal feed generated from SD Guthrie International’ kernel crushing plant. PURAFEX contains energy and protein and has high digestibility for monogastric animals and ruminants.

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06 / 08

Thailand’s No. 1 cooking oil brand, Morakot, is the leading vegetable oil in the market. Its success comes on the back of high-quality products and the brand’s strong commitment to delivering the best for their customers, gaining trust and loyalty along the way.

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07 / 08

CERTIO is one of SD Guthrie International’ flagship products. Produced from the best oil palm harvests in SD Guthrie, CERTIO is our premier RBD Palm Olein. All of CERTIO products are fully-segregated and used by various reputable international players in the frying industry – French fries, fried chicken, noodles, chips and doughnuts.

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08 / 08

Delico is a brand of hardstocks used in the production of consumer margarines, spreads and cooking oils designed to deliver outstanding texture, taste and consistency to an end product. The hardstock range is based on a diversity of plant-based oils to meet the demand for healthier and tastier products.