Jeffry Faizal Kamaruddin

Chief Executive Officer, Upstream Malaysia

Jeffry Faizal Kamaruddin, 55, a Malaysian, has over three decades of experience in the palm oil industry. He has held various key positions at SD Guthrie Berhad, contributing significantly to operational improvements, synergies, and technological advancements.

Jeffry began his career in 1990 with Kumpulan Guthrie Berhad as a Cadet Engineer at Rantau Palm Oil Mill. He quickly advanced to Assistant Factory Manager at various mills within the Group, demonstrating proficiency that led to numerous managerial positions. In 2006, Jeffry became the General Manager of Mills Operations, overseeing various operational improvement projects.

Following the merger of Sime Darby, Golden Hope, and Kumpulan Guthrie in 2007, Jeffry assumed the role of Head of Synergy & Transformations (Mills). In this role, he was tasked with integrating the best practices of the three legacy companies to create synergies in the operations of SD Guthrie Berhad (formerly known as Sime Darby Plantation Berhad) mills.

His expertise in agricultural engineering enabled him to manage both engineering and mill operations. In 2013, he led the Selangor Zone in Upstream Malaysia operations, managing both estates and mills. Jeffry then transitioned to an international role as Regional Chief Operating Officer in the Kalimantan Tengah & Kalimantan Barat Region in Indonesia in 2017.

In 2022, Jeffry led the Upstream Malaysia Business Support unit, spearheading Mission 1 projects aimed at improving production and the quality of upstream operations. Key projects he undertook included OMEGA, INFINITY, and Projek Lokal. OMEGA focuses on transforming palm oil mills into food safety compliant facilities whilst INFINITY involves mechanising the upstream operations, and Projek Lokal aims to attract more skilled Malaysians to work in our Malaysian operations – jobs that involve the use of advanced mechanisation, automation and digital technology.

On 1 June 2024, Jeffry assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer of Upstream Malaysia operations, having previously served as Chief Operating Officer.

Jeffry graduated as an Agriculture Engineer from Universiti Pertanian Malaysia and holds an MBA from Universiti Utara Malaysia. He has participated in various leadership programmes, including the Senior Management Development Programme at Harvard Business School and the Advanced Leadership Programme at IMD Business School in Switzerland.